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Burger Piano Service

Burger Piano Service

Piano Tuner James O. Burger in Rochester and Nashville

After serving the Nashville, TN area for over 35 years, James is now semi-retirerd and has relocated back to his birth area in upstate New York. His love of pianos and travel plays well into his new lifestyle. You will find him tuning, repairing and regulating pianos for clients from Rochester, NY to Nashville, TN and all points in-between.  

James has 50 plus years of experience in the piano tuning, piano repairing and complete piano restoration service. 

From beginners to seasoned professionals, his work on your piano will bring the compelling difference you've been looking for.   

Music Industry Quote
“I grew up with a classical pianist/advance piano teacher for a mom. I spent my entire childhood listening to her play Steinways in various concert halls, rehearsal rooms and even at home. I've witnessed hundreds of piano tunings from industry veterans. After I spent over 15 years working in professional recording studios, I met James Burger. While struggling to find a tuner in Nashville to meet my standards, I asked him to tune my studio piano. His work blew my mind. I felt like the veil was lifted and I was hearing my piano for the first time.  He is a true artist who finds the individual temperament of every instrument he works on. His attention to detail is unmatched and services always come with incredible honesty and decades of industry knowledge. I couldn't recommend him more, he is the best!!!”
Andrija Tokic - 4 time Grammy nominated Producer/Engineer/Studio Owner/Instrument Obsessor

Burger Piano Service

Rochester to Nashville

Piano Tuning and Piano Repair

by James O. Burger